Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Free Practice Tests to Study For the ACT

Finding free ACT practice tests is a lot easier than most people realize. Instead of spending $25 for a book that has practice tests or paying a membership to an online site, you can get official ACT version for free. But the fact that they are free is only part of the benefit of getting these tests.

Why All ACT Practice Tests Are Not Equal

There are a lot of books that you can buy that feature multiple ACT tests. But most of these are nowhere near as valuable as the free, official versions. The first reason is that the official versions give you a breakdown of your score once you grade it. Without breaking your Math and English results into sub-scores, you won't know exactly what you need to study to improve.

The second reason is that unless the test is an official version, you can't be sure how true to the real test is. The last thing you want to do is waste your time studying based upon a test result that is not true to the real thing.

Where To Find Free ACT Practice Tests

The two places that you can get free tests are online, at the official ACT website, which is

The second place you can get free ACT practice tests is from your high school counselor. They will have old copies of the practice booklet from previous years. Since the test has not changed, these are just as valuable as the current test.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The APMP Certification Course

A course which answers the need of people with 4-5 years of project experience, the APMP course, is said to be a certification exam that fulfills the need of aspiring learners of the APM body of knowledge. This certification lays special emphasis on project planning and the consequent monitoring and control. Some of the more advanced and intricate topics like earned value management and corporate governance are excluded. The APM exam is a one hour multiple choice question examination in which candidates has to answer 10 questions out of a total of 16. This is equal to the work package a manager level candidate secures on the international project management association and competence framework.

APM training is not an easy training to administer and i have understood it based on my personal experiences in training my company employees in the key concepts of a mast construction project. APMP training is given to those individuals who wish to study the subject of Advanced Project Management Professional or APMP. This subject is not new to the field of project management and it covers mainly those areas which deal with the subject. APMP courses are not your run of the mill courses that are delivered over the counter in paperbacks, but professionally run courses delivered through special training materials.

APMP training is not a new concept in the market. Training on APMP courses has been going on for quite some time now. Not many people however know of it though as it is not well propagated in the market. APM training are administered in order to teach the courses of advanced project management processes, the 5 process groups and the 9 knowledge areas. The main 5 process groups are said to cover initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control and closeout. The practice of advanced project management is said to include the 5 process groups and the 9 knowledge areas.

The APM training provided by Association of Project Management, which is a body for professional project management based in the UK, which has almost 14,000 members belonging to this field in existence at this time. These offer a wide range of developmental activities including an annual conference, awards and a structure of regional branches, special interest groups and publications. The most significant publication, called the Body of Knowledge is its primary reference text which is used in many organizations. This body of knowledge is the only text for various qualifications including APM training, APMP, APM practitioner, APM project professional and the like.

It is not often that APMP courses are offered by such prestigious institutions like the APM or the Association of Project Management. APMP training is ordinarily offered by the administrators of the project management course. APMP courses are offered by a variety of other institutions too but the quality of education imparted by these institutions vis-a-vis is quite different than that offered by the APM or the Association of Project Management.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How To Study For The ACT Test

With so many ACT test prep solutions available, it is no wonder that so many parents and students alike get confused and ask me how to study for the ACT.

It's not hard to know how to study for the ACT if you approach it strategically, like an athlete approaches a major event.

1) Know the Rules. The biggest "rule" with the test is that you are timed and have to learn how to answer questions quickly and accurately and pace yourself. When the clock runs out and you haven't answered all the questions, you lose points.

Learn time management skills and how to answer questions quickly from a good ACT Test Prep course. Knowing how to take the test is every bit as important as knowing what is on the test. So don't just study math and english and science and reading. Study how to answer questions and learn shortcuts and tips and tricks.

2) Begin with the end in mind. If you are a long distance runner, you don't start off a race at a sprint. Rather, you start off with a pace that you know you can keep up. Studying for this test is no different.

Marathon study sessions may impress your parents, but they just wear you out and aren't really effective. Study for shorter periods, like 20-30 minutes, and more frequently. You'll remember a lot more of what you studied and you won't burn yourself out.

Remember, the best ACT prep will teach you the test taking skills and the studying tips and tricks that will show you how to study for the ACT test quickly and efficiently.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to Overcome Anxiety and "Bombing" on Tests

If you want to overcome test anxiety and bombing on important tests like the ACT test, you have to first realize what causes test anxiety in the first place. There are three main causes of test anxiety. Understanding them will help you do much better on the any test.

Psychological causes are the first problem leading to test anxiety. Whether it is being unprepared or past bad experiences, students go into the test defeated before they start. One key to defeating the tendency to bomb on tests is to understand that even if you guess on every single question, you'd still get a score of 14. Further understanding the key to having enough time to answer every single question, even with a guess, also goes a long way to defeat the psychological causes of test anxiety.

Physiological causes are the second culprit that contribute to test anxiety. The fact is that as we fear the test we tense up and breathe less. Both of these things hurt the brain's ability to be operating at peak efficiency. The fact is that the brain can use up to half the oxygen that we breathe in when we concentrate, and shallow breathing from being nervous starves our brain.

Poor study methods also contribute to test problems. When a student is primarily an auditory learner, who learns by listening, and has spent all his time studying like a visual learner, by just reading books, he has good reason to be nervous! Learning to study according to the style of learner you are is critical to having confidence going into the ACT test.
So if you want to overcome test anxiety that might cause you to bomb on the ACT test, keep in mind these three causes of bombing on tests and learn more by taking a good ACT test prep course that will teach you how to score your best on the ACT.